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LJ Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort

A grassroots effort to help the Gulf Coast

LJ Katrina Relief Efforts
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This is a community effort focusing on exchanging news and information and helping with relief efforts on the Gulf coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans has issueed what he has called a "desperate SOS" as conditions continue to worsen. We believe that this is a national emergency and that all Americans should come to together to try to help the people of the Gulf Coast recover from this tragedy. This community will be a long-term project and a grassroots effort. While the immediate focus is on desperatly needed aid, we intend to be here throughout the long and difficult process of rebuilding New Orleans and the other affected communities and helping people put their lives back together.


This community is not currently set up to directly collect donations. You will need to donate through your favorite charity. The American Red Cross recommends donating cash as opposed to unsolicited donations of food and other goods. This ensures that agencies have the flexibility to get needed resources to the people who need them.

How You Can Help The Victims Of Hurricane Katrina: Advice from CharityHavigator.org, a well-known reputable guide to charities and intelligent giving.

Please beware that an unfortunate side effect of disasters such as this is the scam artists that appear to try to exploit the situation. You should try to follow the advice of well-known and well-established relief organizations and federal, state, and local officials in giving money. A few organizations who have set up hurricane relief funds are as follows:

American Red Cross

Feed the Children Katrina Relief Effort

Feed The Children has more than 25 truckloads of relief supplies, including food, bottled water, cleaning supplies, paper products and other emergency essentials on their way. They are heading into Louisiana, Mississippi, and the surrounding areas that were hit by Hurricane Katrina.

Truckloads are also on their way to Texas and Georgia to assist in relief efforts for those who have been evacuated from the devastated areas.

Feed The Children will continue to provide supplies and relief to the individuals, children and families affected by Hurricane Katrina for as long as necessary.

Salvation Army aid to storm victims

A $100 donation to The Salvation Army will feed a family of four for two days, provide two cases of drinking water and one household clean-up kit, containing brooms, mops, buckets, and cleaning supplies.

Episcopal Relief and Development

Catholic Charities USA Hurricane Katrina response

If you wish to offer financial assistance to Catholic Charities, you can call (800) 919-9338, donate online at http://catholiccharitiesusa.org/news/katrina.cfm or mail checks to:

Catholic Charities U.S.A.
2005 Hurricane Relief Fund
P.O. Box 25168
Alexandria, VA 22313-9788

Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Houston SPCA is now housing all of Louisiana's SPCA animals which where displayed by the storm.

The Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort

$3 buying power for every $1 donated.

Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief: (800) 462-8657, ext. 6440

United Methodist Committee on Relief: (800) 554-8583 or www.methodistrelief.org

PLEASE NOTE: This community is NOT directly taking donations for relief efforts at this time. You will need to donate through your favorite charity.

The list above is meant to provide some helpful starting points but there are numerous other organizations involved in relief efforts. Other ideas will be posted later or will be discussed in the community.

Again, this community exists primarily for sharing thoughts and ideas about how to contribute and is not itself directly involved in sending needed help.


Sunherald.com--Southern Missisippi's home page

The New Orleans Times-Picayune

Latest News and Updates from the American Red Cross

MSNBC page on blogging related to Hurricane Katrina

ZDnet page on blogging related to Hurricane Katrina


Eyes on Katrina


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